We do more than transport refrigeration!

We offer a suite of solutions for many of your transportation, shop and yard management needs! Read below to find out all the solutions we offer to help streamline your business and save you money.

Club Car

Club Car's golf, utility and transportation vehicles are recognized as industry leaders in efficiency and long-lasting value. Today, more than 40 base models with applications in golf course, grounds maintenance, industrial, commercial and recreational markets are available. Contact James Loomer for more information jim_loomer@tkwest.com


Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems manufactures diesel-fired heating systems to provide cab and sleeper heat in trucks, eliminating the need to idle the engine for heat. Eberspaecher also supplies independent coolant systems for quick engine pre-heating. These systems require no electrical plug-ins and are ideal for cold weather starting.

Kool Shield

Kool Shield will protect your freight! This innovative system solves a refrigerated-trucking industry problem: temperature loss and humidity spikes during deliveries and the wait to be unloaded at consignees. Eliminate temperature claims, conserve fuel, reduce wear and exceed FSMA requirements.

The Lift Tech automated door opener is designed for heavy, insulated trailer doors used in reefer trucks and trailers. Did you know most operators will leave the trailer door open while making a delivery because of the strain caused from repeatedly opening and closing a heavy reefer door? The Lift Tech system allows for easier operation and can help reduce fuel costs by up to four times simply by allowing easier closure of the door between loads.


The Neva comfort system offers continuously flowing fresh, clean air so your drivers will feel a difference of up to 30ºF cooler! This innovative system works even when the engine is OFF so you save with reduced fuel and maintenance costs.


The Strehl TrailerBlade offers the maximum in fuel savings, rugged dependability, easy maintenance, and great looks that last for years. These easily installed, CARB compliant side skirts can save you up to 600 gallons of fuel per year.


TICO offers the best in yard trucks to help cut operational costs with trailer spotting and yard management. TICO Pro-Spotter terminal tractors have the real world advantages that make them the right choice for your business.

Port A Cool

Port A Cool offers intensive spot cooling, right out of the box. Whether you have hospitality, residential, recreational or industrial needs, we can get you the Port A Cool to suit your needs and keep you cool for years to come. When you're cool, you can perform at your best.