We sell and install new and pre-owned TriPac® APU units. We have a large inventory of pre-owend TriPac® units to keep you comfortable economically!

Eliminate unnecessary truck idling, keep drivers comfortable, and save money.

Key Points: 

  • Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption by over 85% while resting in comfort
  • Extend truck engine maintenance intervals
  • Reduce wear on truck engine
  • Comply with anti-idle laws

If you are looking for an APU, let Thermo King West show you the options. Give us a call to discuss your new or used TriPac® needs.

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Call for prices on these used TriPac® APU! All include ESPAR heater. Inverter option available!

Engine Hours
2012 TriPac®
2012 TriPac®
2012 TriPac®
2012 TriPac®
2012 TriPac®
2012 TriPac®

Fuel Savings. The TriPac® Evolution all but eliminates the need for idling, delivering you significant fuel savings.

Maximum Driver Comfort. Drivers want comfort when they're out on the road, and the TriPac® Evolution delivers. With virtually unlimited cab cooling and heating, plus the power to run the appliances drivers want, this APU makes their cab feel more like home.

Reduced Maintenance. The TriPac® Evolution has an industry-leading 2000-hour maintenance interval, which saves you time and money. And because it reduces tractor engine idling, the TriPac® Evolution also lowers run time and reduces maintenance on your tractor, saving you even more and adding to the resale value of the tractor.

Unmatched Service & Support. The TriPac® Evolution is backed by the Thermo King West, which provides expert installation, factory-certified technicians and genuine OEM parts. No other APU can match this!

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